At PPS, we have found that the revenue and compliance changes that impact your Chargemaster come faster than many facilities can address. To have complete confidence in the compliance and accuracy of your Chargemaster, you need more than a review every two years as is commonly done. This is why PPS has been offering an ongoing maintenance program for Chargemasters since 1996.

Once an optimized and compliant CDM has been implemented through the Comprehensive Chargemaster review, payor regulations change, a new department comes online, or new line-items become necessary. To address the reality of this dynamic CDM environment, PPS offers a cost effective service that gives you the peace of mind that your Chargemaster is always compliant and accurate.

Our Chargemaster Ongoing Maintenance service includes a review of your Chargemaster on a monthly or quarterly schedule with a seven day turnaround time. It also includes access to Chargemaster professionals who provide the recommendations and supporting documentation.

These services are particularly critical in today’s world where personnel move to different functions, new people are hired and others leave. By having a consistent and always present resource in PPS, our clients have withstood these changes without impacting compliance, revenue and policy objectives.

  • A monthly or quarterly review of the Chargemaster. Recommendations are sent back to you within seven business days
  • New codes from your top five most popular payors are applied throughout the year
  • PPS can create new line-items
  • PPS can set up new departments
  • PPS will research supplies and other items
  • A dedicated consultant performs the comprehensive review and moves into the maintenance phase
  • Recommendations given are based upon your local payor information
  • Permits unlimited questions by telephone, fax or e-mail to our consulting staff, with a 24 hour response time