PPS knows that realizing the compliance and revenue gains identified in a Chargemaster review rests squarely on the implementation of the recommendations. But implementation requires persistence and resources.

Department managers need to understand the changes, as does HIM and, to varying degrees, others in the facility. Often, policy directives emanate from the Chargemaster review and need to be developed by clinical, business office and financial staff. Managing these directives across multiple departments adds complexity and, far too often, unnecessary delays.

Therefore, PPS will review the Chargemaster throughout the implementation process. We will also answer unlimited questions for an unlimited period of time PPS has completed more than 4,000 Chargemaster reviews and has witnessed, and helped develop, a cadre of best practices in Chargemaster implementation. When you choose to partner with PPS for your implementation, you can expect the process to move faster and with more precision. You will not have to add workload to your already overtaxed staff. Instead, PPS can minimize the impact that implementation can have on your operations, and most importantly, start realizing the compliance and revenue gains sooner.

We will work side-by-side with you and your staff and as new issues evolve during the implementation process, PPS will be right there with the Chargemaster expertise to answer new concerns and questions and keep the entire process on track and on time.

  • Guidance and/or management of the approval process
  • Data Entry of approved recommendations into your system
  • Dialogue with your department managers to facilitate the approval process of our recommendations
  • Website access to the Chargemaster with log and access monitoring.
  • Development of policies and procedures for your CDM maintenance program
  • Definition of the role of the CDM committee and providing guidelines to ensure that it operates effectively and efficiently
  • Working with your CDM or compliance committee during the implementation
  • Ensuring appropriate allocation and use of personnel and other available resources
  • Establishment of procedures for the addition and deletion of new service items
  • Establishment of procedures for department managers to submit CDM change requests for new, deleted or revised procedures or services
  • Ensuring there is no duplication of code assignments by coders and Charge
  • Description Master assigned codes
  • Revision of charge tickets and order entry screens
  • Ensuring compliance with Medicare bulletins, transmittals, manual updates, official coding guidelines, LCDs, NCCI guidelines and other coding and bundling edits
  • Reacting to all remittance advice denials involving CPT/HCPCS coding or CMS coding guidelines

No Chargemaster review is successful without timely implementation. The PPS implementation process will ensure that you have a compliant and accurate Chargemaster as expeditiously as possible, without distracting your staff from their current roles.