PPS has provided 4,000+ Chargemaster reviews over the last 25 years to more than 3,500 hospitals across the country.

It is one of our primary services, and we have a dedicated team of Chargemaster experts who work exclusively on Chargemasters with years of CDM experience. Our Comprehensive Chargemaster Review recommendations are consistent with the latest Medicare and Medicaid guidelines as well as local payor policies.

Our Comprehensive Chargemaster Review services combine CCH’s MediRegs for automated methods of organizing the Chargemaster for review so that our consultants can manually review every line-item. This is an important and valuable aspect of our CDM offering.

It provides you with the security you need to know that your CDM is both compliant and optimized for your operations. Your hospital will receive continuous service from consultants who develop an on-going relationship with your department managers and financial staff during the project and after the report is delivered at no additional cost. This is because we understand that implementation is critical to CDM success.

PPS Comprehensive Chargemaster Review experts have a unique combination of medical/technical backgrounds and coding expertise. Our staff is comprised of MTs, RTs and RNs, who are also Certified Professional Coders.

  • Speed and Accuracy – Establish a current and accurate Chargemaster within six weeks of the date of receipt of your Chargemaster.
  • A line item-by-line item compliance-oriented approach.
  • Comprehensive or single department reviews.
  • Education. While providing a comprehensive review we can provide tailored on-site education to your Chargemaster personnel and ancillary department managers that will provide the hospital with an internal process for reviewing and maintaining its Chargemaster. This portion of our program will ensure that the Chargemaster is always kept up to date internally.
  • Policy Directives. PPS works with your leadership team to ensure that all aspects of your policies are reflected in the Chargemaster. We also make this part of our education to your staff, so that the link between policy, services provided and your CDM are in perfect alignment.
  • Maintenance – We have been providing turnkey Chargemaster maintenance services for over 10 years. These range from weekly to quarterly updating with unlimited communication by phone, email or fax. This personalized service is designed to help your staff keep your Chargemaster accurate on an ongoing basis.
  • Examination of outpatient cases and their corresponding billing to discover opportunities peripheral to the Chargemaster
  • Interviews with department managers
  • Implementing the approved new Chargemaster into your system
  • Full-scale implementation support to ensure that the recommendations are implemented in a timely way
  • Establishment of new line-items and charges
  • Creation of charge tickets and encounter forms
  • Chargemaster Standardization Projects
  • Charge and volume comparison with up to 15 hospitals of your choice.
  • Alternatives to across-the-board price increases
  • Coding an E/M visit with surgical procedures
  • Extensive database of historical medical billing codes, bundling, etc.
  • CPT codes specific to the operating room
  • Specialized Chargemasters for critical access hospitals
  • What gets hardcoded and what is coded by HIM
  • Proactive Approaches to RAC Audits
  • Addressing decreases in bundling, such as in CMS’s change to the OPPS for 2008
  • Annual review for coding updates