Because we have 25 years of Chargemaster experience, PPS is among the pioneers of Chargemaster standardization.

PPS has performed this service for the largest systems as well as smaller networks and associated hospitals as long as we have been in business.

The process of standardizing a Chargemaster across facilities begins by reviewing each line item of each Chargemaster and comparing that with what is being done in that facility to examine accuracy and compliance. We talk with department heads, compliance officers, patient financial services, HIM professionals and facility management to fully understand each and every Chargemaster before we begin the standardization.

In the next phase, the focus shifts to:

  • Resolving compliance issues
  • Implementing policy directives
  • Individual facility operations and standards are taken into consideration

PPS does this, as we have in dozens of Chargemaster standardization projects, by applying the best practices acquired by working with some of the most prestigious systems and networks in the country. We then complete the mapping portion of the project.

When we have arrived at the final standardized CDM, the PPS team starts the implementation by meeting with all department heads and providing education to their team and facility staff about the new Chargemaster. We invite management, HIM and compliance officers to attend these meetings so that the implementation of the standardized Chargemaster moves forward effectively and expeditiously.

Finally, as with our CDM reviews, we stand ready after the engagement is complete, for an unlimited time, to answer questions and address issues about the new standardized Chargemaster for as long as you and your staff need us.