Chargemaster Rate Analysis Service.

As an alternative to an “across the board” rate increase, the objective of the Chargemaster Rate Analysis Service is to selectively apply a scheduled rate increase to charge items and departments based upon payor mix and patient type utilization.

The Chargemaster Rate Analysis includes all items contained within the Chargemaster with annual volume. All departments, service lines or disciplines are included in the analysis. Outliers and other charge-based reimbursement areas are modeled in a compliant manner.

The overall approach is to find the right combination of increases and decreases to achieve the same net revenue increase as an across the board increase. There are three constraints in this process:

  • Proposed across-the-board increase
  • Rate Allocation increase
  • Rate Allocation decrease

Deliverables include a text description and summary of data received and objectives given. Other deliverables include detail of increases and decreases by line item in electronic format for accurate implementation.

PPS works with you after the reports are sent and will continue to run iterations of the rate changes until we have arrived at the precise pricing strategy that is best for our client.